New Year, New Frontiers

When Cody suffered her injuries 6 months ago, no-one could say for sure what her future held.  The slight young teenager in the intensive care bed,  motionless and  dwarfed by tubes and beeping machinery, was a confronting sight.

Cody Austin hosp

Those first few weeks brought little relief, as the severe extent of the damage to her spine became clear. The  process of rebuilding her life  is painstaking,  and will continue for a long time yet.

neck scan titanium neck scan


No-one could possibly say the last 6 months have been easy. There have been disappointments, setbacks, painful procedures and  hours and hours of challenging physical therapy most days, all in the hope of just the smallest gains in movement and independence.

Yet along with all that has come the good stuff: extraordinary strength and love from her family and friends, incredible generosity from complete strangers, and invaluable dedication from health professionals.

Cody has gone from a fragile form enveloped by medical equipment, to  a never-give-up contender who, with a few modifications, can hit a tennis ball, knock out some push-ups, conquer the therapy pool, whip some butt on the Playstation,  and still catch a band at  Thebarton Theatre with her mates.

the 1975 concert

She’s already back on the touch football field in a support and coaching role, and this year, she returns to her high school to undertake Year 12.   What a girl, and what a great bunch of people have joined her on the journey.

cody emma maddy