Year 12 Accolades

True to ¬†form, Cody is ending her final year of secondary school with a remarkable achievement. Despite the extra challenges brought on by her accident, she’s finishing year 12 on time, along with her peers, and will be completing her exams in early November.

But that’s not all: she’s been awarded a “sporting blue” in recognition of her excellence in Touch Football, and her commitment to the sporting program at Glenunga International High. Only six other students received this honour this year.

To qualify, Cody needed to have been in  a state or national representative team during her time at Glenunga, as well as making a contribution to the school in a variety of sporting endeavours or a leadership role.

Here she is with fellow recipient Emma Verral, who was awarded the hockey blue, and teacher Rex Wright. Well done to Cody and her fellow recipients!