2016 – Inroads and Adventures

It’s been a great start to the year:  firstly, Cody’s debut as Assistant Coach for the SA Heat women’s team  saw their best result to date at the Touch Nationals in  March.  And now, term one of semester one in her Bachelor of Business (Marketing) is done and dusted  at Uni SA – only five and a half semesters to go!

Cody's degree in marketing is underway at UniSA
Cody’s degree in marketing is underway at UniSA

 As Cody moves into this new phase of her life, we’d like to thank all the people who have done so much to support her. There have been countless acts of generosity and kindness, each and every one making a difference.

Fundraising events and donations of time and effort have allowed the Gray family to buy an all-terrain chair – it came in pretty handy at the Touch Nationals!

The SA Women's Heat team at the 2016 nationals
The SA Women’s Heat team at the 2016 nationals

They’ve also completed a purpose-built bathroom that can accommodate Cody’s chair and lifting gear. And they’re well on the way to acquiring their own access vehicle, which will  restore some  much-needed freedom and independence to the whole family’s life.

And that’s all thanks to our friends, and also remarkable  people we’ve never even met, who have made these events possible. This isn’t a complete list of our helping heroes and their feats, but it’s a start!

  • 2 Mt Osmond Golf Days – Andrew O’Connor and Peter Ormandy
  • 2 High Teas – Di Rule
  • 2 Marathons! One each from Reece Lovett and Georgia Brown. Also a top Tough Mudder effort from Henry Gooden and an Ironman triumph from  Andrew O’Connor… again!
  • Sports Memorabilia Auction – Dave Toseland
  • The Quiz Night – Kerry Forbes and Tracey Hancock
  • Fashion Fiestas – Lisa Mahoney and Ali Martin for Frugally Yours, and  Cindy Clarke for a two-weekend clothing sale
  • Online baby clothes sales – Rachel Helps

The  Touch Football community right across Australia has been extraordinarily pro-active from the very beginning of this journey, with countless initiatives – their continued dedication is such a gift (and a special shout-out to the refs).

…and the list goes on…  the communities of Glenunga International High and Unley Primary Schools, Variety SA,  the team at SA Woman of the Year, Cafe 160,  and some truly generous sports stars like Drew Mitchell, Casey Dellacqua, Anna Meares, and Adam Goodes. Sam Cufone from Parafield Airport Liquor Store has been so kind, as have the wonderful McNamaras from Townsville. Then there’s Brett from Elmac Homes, who  has helped make the Grays a beautiful Cody-friendly haven – he’s pretty much a member of the family now whether he likes it or not .

To the Grays’ close friends and rellies – you know who you are, and how you’re loved and appreciated. But let’s not get too mushy now: this is a website, not a chick flick.

There will  be ongoing needs as Cody progresses through the medical and physical challenges ahead, but the support we have received to date has been  extraordinary and humbling . Thank you to everyone who continues to help us so tirelessly.

Bogan Bingo fundraiser, April 2016
Bogan Bingo fundraiser, April 2016