What sort of accident did Cody have?

Cody fell backwards while taking a small jump in a terrain park at Falls Creek in Victoria: although she was wearing a helmet, the fall shattered the C5 and C6 vertebrae of her spine, and severely damaged her spinal cord.

Is Cody a quadriplegic?

Yes. Although Cody has regained very slight movements in her wrists, and can utilise her shoulders to move her arms to a very limited degree, the damage to nerves that control her arms and hands mean she is technically classed as suffering from quadriplegia – four affected limbs.

Will she recover?

While concerted efforts in rehabilitation will certainly help Cody improve the strength and control of the limited arm movement she retains, there is, as yet, no magic bullet that will “cure” her.

She is not expected to walk again, though will hopefully gain better mobility through the use of a wheelchair in the future. But never say never!

Did she suffer a brain injury?

No. Thankfully, Cody is as sharp, wicked and funny as ever. Now that she has her voice back, it’s easy to tell she’s the same old Cody on the inside.

What does her future look like?

No-one can answer that with complete certainty. Cody is likely to have around a year at a rehabilitation facility before being able to return home.

Her care requirements will be extremely high for the rest of her life- she will need assistance with eating, washing, changing position in bed, keeping her muscles working, and dressing, just to name a few everyday tasks most of us take for granted.

There are also a range of more complex ongoing heath issues associated with quadriplegia.

What can I do to help?

Click on the How Can I Help tab on the home page. This has details of specific items Cody may need, and a summary of the costs of her care.

You may choose to support one of the upcoming fundraising events we’ll be hosting regularly, or you may simply want to donate to the trust we have set up for Cody’s on going care: you can use the easy secure on-line donation facility operated by Stripe.

Is my donation tax deductible?

As Cody is an individual and not an organisation, she is ineligible for charity status, so unfortunately donations are not tax deductible.

If you donate via this website, a receipt should be generated automatically and delivered to you via email: please let us know if you do not receive one.

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