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Because Cody’s injuries happened on a snowfield, and not in a motor vehicle accident, she’s not the beneficiary of any compensation payout.

While the public health system will meet the  costs of her  initial rehabilitation,  and disability  payments will also help, she has perhaps five or six decades ahead of her in which she will continue to need specialised care, transport, and equipment.

A large part of the financial burden will  fall upon her family.

We’re still in the early days, so it’s not clear yet exactly what we’ll need, or what level of help from home carers will be necessary.

But  the following gives an idea of just some of the likely costs:

  • Electric wheelchair  –  $7,000 (customised modifications could push the price to  $20,000). Cody is likely to need at least two, for differing purposes.
  • A modified car with wheelchair capacity – up to $85,000
  • And home renovations to include ramps, accessible doors, a modified bathroom, temperature control and suitable bed – upwards of $100, 000

It’s a daunting prospect, but with many hands, we can do this. Cody’s progress, and quality of life, is directly affected by the resources available, and it’s a lifelong journey.

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